About The Frunchroom

The Frunchroom is a new South Side reading series brought to you by Scott Smith –  a resident of Beverly/Morgan Park – and The Beverly Area Arts Alliance.

Our next event is in April at Beverly Woods Restaurant (11532 S. Western) in Morgan Park at 730pm. Our lineup will be announced soon. A new Frunchroom event is held every quarter at Beverly Woods. Updates will be posted on the site.

The Frunchroom has played to packed houses since it began in April 2015. Previous readers run the gamut from reporters and writers at the Chicago Tribune, WBEZ-FM, DNA Info Chicago and Bloomberg News to local residents and business owners; radio and podcast hosts and artists.

We want to contribute to Chicago’s live lit scene by featuring writers, readers, artists and performers who are from the South Side or have something to say about it through personal stories, sharp commentary or historical perspective.

For a good overview of what we’re all about, read this review from South Side Weekly.

The Frunchroom began in April of 2015. We called O’Rourke’s Office home for the first year before moving to Beverly Woods with our July 2016 show.

Why “The Frunchroom?”

The “frunchroom” is a colloquialism formed when the words “front room” collide with the glorious Chicago accent. When your living room is the first thing your guests see when they walk in your house, that’s your front room.

We wanted a name that evoked the sense of community found in Chicago, particularly the diversity of its South Side neighborhoods. We wanted people to think of a place where family and friends gather to tell stories, have a drink, crack jokes, argue about politics, discuss art and otherwise enjoy the pleasure of each other’s company.

That’s what we want The Frunchroom to be. But unlike other frunchrooms, you won’t need to take your shoes off first.

Frunchroom press
Selected coverage of The Frunchroom

March 2015
Beverly Review: “Arts Alliance events to thrill local eyes, ears

April 2015: 
DNA Info Chicago: “The Frunchroom draws standing-room crowd for inaugural reading series

South Side Weekly (review): “New reading series The Frunchroom comes to the South Side

December 2015
Southtown Star, “Variety marks group’s events

June 2016
DNA Info Chicago: “The Frunchroom reading series moves to Beverly Woods Restaurant

For inquiries about The Frunchroom, email producer Scott Smith at ourmaninchicago at gmail.com.

4 Responses to About The Frunchroom

  1. Pamela Holt says:

    Hey Scott, sounds great. So just a little more about the phrase Reading Series. As in book club-esk or reading from….or theme of the month regarding topics. Just wondering. Or is it for communal hanging out. All good, just getting clarity. Pam Holt


  2. Scott Smith says:

    Hi Pamela. I’m envisioning a quarterly (we won’t be monthly yet) theme with all the readers performing pieces with their interpretation of it. And then some communal hanging out before, during and after.


  3. Kathleen Dewan says:

    Can you please provide more information about the podcast when it is ready?


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