Poster, press and pomp

theFrunchroom_032015Have you seen the poster yet? It’s on the Twitter and Facebook pages but I realized I hadn’t posted it here. The image is from Dmitry Samarov, one of the readers for our event on April 16th, and type treatment is by Chris Wilczak.

Speaking of Facebook, there’s an event page posted there. Sixty-two people say they’re going! Even if we assume 30% of those people are lying, that’s still a great turnout for our debut.

We’ve also picked up some press from DNA Info and Beverly Review. A couple of quotes:

Smith expects this casual style of storytelling to resonate with residents of Morgan Park, Beverly and Mount Greenwood. These neighborhoods on the Far Southwest Side often boast of their Irish heritage, which carries a strong narrative tradition, he said.

Smith also envisions The Frunchroom series evolving into a destination event, drawing curious attendees from throughout the city to share in the regional storytelling experience. – DNA Info

O’Rourke’s Office, Smith said, provides the type of setting he desires.

“We wanted that place to have that kind of spirited feeling,” Smith said, “that it didn’t feel like we’re coming to a sort of formal event.”

That laid-back environment is what the BAAA is all about, Wilczak said. It has an easy-going attitude and is always open to new ideas.

“We’re fluid,” Wilczak said. “We don’t have any sort of bureaucracy. If it’s something we are excited about and we can do it, we’re going to do it and make sure it’s done really well.” – Beverly Review

Finally…look, I didn’t really have a third p-word to use here so I just added pomp to the title. Let’s pretend this paragraph refers to that in some way.

Coming soon: bios on our readers!

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