Everything you need to know for tomorrow’s Frunchroom

theFrunchroom_032015Holy Moses, this is actually happening tomorrow. Can’t wait to see you. Here’s what you need to know.

What’s the time? 730pm

Where’s t
he place? O’Rourke’s Office (11064 S. Western Ave.)

The readers:
Adrienne Samuels Gibbs; arts and entertainment writer
Natalie Y. Moore; reporter, WBEZ, and author
Jen Sabella; director of social media and engagement, DNAInfo Chicago
Dmitry Samarov; painter and writer
Chuck Sudo; writer/editor

Is it free? It is! But if you want to bring a few dollars to donate to the Beverly Area Arts Alliance (see below) then everyone will think you’re smart and good-looking and generous.

Are there seats? Yes, but it’s limited. So get there early. Otherwise, wear shoes for standing.

Where do I park? The Leona’s lot on 111th St. (trust me, it’s fine)

How do I get there via transit?
 Take Metra’s Rock Island line to 111th. Walk west toward Longwood then up the hill and keep going until you hit Western Avenue. Make a right and you’re there.

Where can I eat?
 Get to O’Rourke’s early and order in from Waldo Cooney’s or Leona’s and you can get a 20% discount. Five Star Burgers is also nearby. If you don’t mind a walk there’s Home Run Inn Pizza up the street or Horse Thief Hollow for an after-show beer.

What are the stories like?
Some are sincere, some are tongue-in-cheek. One may be a call-to-action, another might make you think. One might be historical, one might make you remember a place you haven’t been since childhood. Basically, like having a conversation with someone you haven’t seen in a while.

Who’s helping you with this?
I’m producing this in partnership with The Beverly Area Arts Alliance (or The Alliance, for short). They’re a great non-profit and you should check out some of their other upcoming events including a figure drawing workshop on April 27th and the 2015 Beverly Art Walk on October 3rd.

A big thanks to Monica Wilczak, Sal Campbell, David Barsotti, Chris Wilczak and Lizzy Benner who’ve given this event material, financial and moral support. And a huge thanks to O’Rourke’s Office for hosting us. (Thank them by purchasing beverages tomorrow and tipping profusely.)

And, of course, huge thanks to all our readers and, in advance, to you for coming.

Where can I find out more? Check out some press we’ve received from DNA Info Chicago and The Beverly Review.

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Chicagoan, husband, father, writer.
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