In the Frunchroom: Shay DeGrandis

We’re really excited to open up The Frunchroom again on July 16th at O’Rourke’s Office (11064 S. Western). We have a new lineup of South Side writers and we’re excited for you to get to know them.

DeGrandis HSFirst up is Shay DeGrandis. She’s an artist, writer, producer, administrator, well-meaning amateur therapist, and accidental comedian. After some time in Humboldt Park, she moved to Beverly six years ago from Pilsen, making her slow descent to the furthest reaches of the South Side so she could fill a huge house with all of her weird stuff. She’ll talk about becoming a South Side during her reading at The Frunchroom.

Shay also produces and hosts the Chicago edition of Mortified, a comedy show of “personal redemption through public humiliation.” As someone who persuades others to share their most awkward adolescent writing in front of strangers, she also likes to share her shame both on stage and off, occasionally producing objects and images out of the vagaries of her existence. See them at

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