Volume five of The Frunchroom: Behold the spring

You survived the winter. Come out and celebrate the arrival of warmer temperatures and green as far as the eye can see with five new readers at The Frunchroom – April 21st at 730pm at O’Rourke’s Office.

Fuchroom_vol5We’re officially into year two of The Frunchroom with our spring show. The support from the neighborhood and the larger live lit community in Chicago has been amazing. As you know, our goal is to tell stories of, by and about the South Side – from people who have a unique perspective on it. 

We continue to operate in partnership with The Beverly Area Arts Alliance. Be sure to visit their website to learn more about two great upcoming events: Uprising Craft Market at Blue Island Beer Co. on April 3rd and Neighborhood Magic at Ridge Historical Society on April 8th.

Without further ado, here’s the lineup for the next Frunchroom:

Tim Baffoe
Sports columnist, high school teacher, pizza driver, Ginger

Elaine Hegwood Bowen

Bill Savage
Editor, writer, Northwestern professor

Angel Simmons
Author, speaker, ccolumnist, co-host of Do Not Submit – Englewood

Carrie Williams
Editor, Tribune Content Agency; Writer, Daily Southtown

We’ll have bios and more info about our readers in the coming weeks. See you on April 21st.

About Scott Smith

Chicagoan, husband, father, writer.
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