In the Frunchroom: Katy Jacob

Many of this month’s readers have strong Beverly ties, including our next reader – even though she doesn’t live in Beverly anymore.

me-ann-15Katy Jacob is a professional nerd, a mom of two and a wife to one. Given “spare time,” she likes to be by herself. She writes at  as well as at and is proud to have been part of the inaugural cast of Listen to Your Mother Chicago (2012).

Katy spent almost twenty years working on financial services and economic development research and policy for nonprofit think tanks and the Federal Reserve System. After a decade as a business economist and senior payments consultant for the Federal Reserve, Katy quit the daily grind and started her own consulting company, Katy Jacob Consultants LLC. (This just happened, so she’s still trying to figure out exactly what to do with herself.)

She hopes that now she will have more time to devote to writing poetry and missives about Chicago. Katy lived in Beverly for twelve years until last month, when she moved to Oak Park, her hometown. Her kids will always be native south siders and she will always believe that the Dan Ryan is the most efficient expressway in Chicago. She will read a bittersweet personal essay about her dysfunctional relationship with Chicago.

Join us at The Frunchroom at Beverly Woods Restaurant on September 27th at 730pm.

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