It’s the 2nd anniversary of The Frunchroom!

When The Beverly Area Arts Alliance and I started The Frunchroom two years ago, I imagined we’d tell a few stories to about 50-60 people every few months. I never expected we’d outgrow our first home at O’Rourke’s Office and expand to Beverly Woods where we now play to audiences two to three times what I initially imagined. Nor did I expect that we’d mix in visual art and cocktails.

But here we are. All thanks to a very supportive South Side community, which is apropos considering The Frunchroom has its roots in conversations with friends at Ellie’s, Horse Thief Hollow and the St. Barnabas gym that started “What would you think if…”

In two years, we’ve heard more than 40 stories from reporters, writers, local business owners, college professors, DJs, poets and even a few lawyers.

For our 2nd anniversary show, we wanted to do something special so we’ve expanded to two nights: Wednesday, April 26th and Thursday, April 27th at Beverly Woods Restaurant (11532 S Western Ave.) where a different set of five readers will perform each night. As usual, we’ll feature great art and craft cocktails. (And sometime in the next month, we’ll launch our long-promised podcast.)

The Frunchroom continues to be produced in partnership with The Beverly Area Arts Alliance, the organization responsible for local arts events like The Beverly Art Walk, the Uprising Craft Market and the upcoming Constant Struggle exhibits at the Beverly Arts Center. A $5 donation is requested at the door with all proceeds supporting future Alliance events.

The readers for April’s 2nd anniversary shows will be:

April 26th
Ayana Contreras
Radio host/producer, DJ and writer

Daniel Kay Hertz
Writer, reader, mapper, spreadsheeter

Rodney Walker
Author, educator, South Side native

Tom Cramer
Blogger, 70s kid, craft beer geek, native South Sider

Sue Sadlowski Garza
Alderwoman 10th Ward, CPS Counselor, Progressive Activist, Grandma

April 27th
Jahmal Cole
Founder of My Block, My Hood, My City

Bridget Gainer
Part-time pol, full-time Chicagoan, reader, mother & dual citizen 

Lendon Sadler
Activist & actor; performer, raconteur, unabashed lover

Kevin Coval
Poet; community builder; artistic director, Young Chicago Authors

Kim Bellware
Huffington Post reporter, bike adventurer and full-city wanderer

Photo credit: Holly Evanchik Donovan

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