In the Frunchroom: Kim Bellware

In the two years we’ve been alive and kicking, we’ve had reporters from many news organizations at The Frunchroom. In an age of spin, insight from reporters is needed more than ever. We’re glad to welcome another great reporter to our 2nd anniversary show: Kim Bellware.

Kim Bellware is a reporter for The Huffington Post who covers crime, politics and breaking news with a special emphasis on the death penalty. She’s previously recycled her jokes on WBEZ, The Paper Machete, Funny Ha-Ha, and The First Time. In a past life, she wrote about Chicago music and lifestyle. She learned to ride a bike at 25 and now tours across multiple states. Her favorite paths out of the city are the south branch of the Lakefront Trail and the Major Taylor Woods.

Kim is a current resident of Humboldt Park and will read an essay about the way the nature of the South Side seems more organic than on the North Side and how it truly reflects urbis orbis, the city in a garden.

Don’t miss her! Come to the 2nd night of our 2nd anniversary show on April 27th at 730pm at Beverly Woods Restaurant. RSVP at the links below.

Frunchroom – Night One
Frunchroom – Night Two

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