The Frunchroom, Volume XIII: 3rd anniversary edition

When we started The Frunchroom, we imagined it would be a going concern for a while. But it’s still hard to believe we will have featured 70 speakers over the course of 13 shows in these three years (and across three different venues).

Join us Thursday, April 19th at 730pm for five new stories about, of and for The South Side of Chicago at the Beverly Art Center (2407 W. 111th Street).

A $5 donation is requested and goes toward the production of more great arts programs from the Beverly Area Arts Alliance.

The Beverly Area Arts Alliance proudly presents:

The Frunchroom’s 3rd Anniversary Show!

Sponsored by: The Beverly Arts Center

Colleen Hart-Kozubowski
Wordsmith, musician, leader, advocate, fighter

Tamar Manasseh 
Founder/President, Mothers Against Senseless Killings (MASK)

Edward McClelland
Author, Folktales and Legends of the Middle West

Ricardo Muñoz
Alderman, 22nd Ward

Claire Zulkey
Co-creator/host, Funny Ha-Ha

Hosted by: Scott Smith
$5 donation requested to benefit the Beverly Area Arts Alliance

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About Scott Smith

Chicagoan, husband, father, writer.
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