In the Frunchroom: Whitney Capps

In the larger conversation about the city, the nuance of the South Side and its many cultural gems are often ignored. Hyde Park has been a unique part of the South Side’s story for decades, encapsulating the conflicts of the old and new while also acting as the birthplace of some of the city’s greatest cultural institutions.

Whitney Capps is in the center of the live lit and arts scenes in Hyde Park. And she’ll join us on Thursday at The Frunchroom.

Whitney is a talker. Always has been, and probably always will be.

She is the co-host and co-creator of the Split The Difference podcast, host of Grown Folks’ Stories, a monthly storytelling event by The Silver Room in partnership with UChicago’s Arts and Public Life and a regular contributor to Vocalo Radio’s Morning AMp. She is also a member of improv team FlyClap.

None of this really pays the bills; her day job is a leadership and team effectiveness coach with ClearSpace, LLC. She’s an aspiring yogi, an accomplished home cook, a shameless consumer of the arts and fiercely Chicagoan.

A resident of Garfield Park, Whitney will talk about The Silver Room Block Party, an annual tradition that now calls Hyde Park home and is one of the great celebrations of city life. Join Whitney and the rest of the Frunchroom readers this Thursday, July 25th at 730pm at Beverly Arts Center.

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