In the Frunchroom: Mikki Kendall

One of the great joys of producing The Frunchroom is featuring people whose work I’ve admired. Mikki Kendall is someone I’ve followed on Twitter for a while so I’m really looking forward to experiencing her words in a new context.

ReaderconMikkiKendallMikki describes herself as a writer and occasional feminist who divides her time between two careers, a family, and brunch. The last is necessary to provide the energy she needs for everything else on her to-do list. Her writing can be found at the Washington Post, Ebony, Essence, XO Jane, Salon, NPR’s Code Switch, Guardian, and a host of other places willing to let her rant on topics ranging from feminism to police brutality to pop culture.

She also commits occasional acts of fiction largely focusing on black people in every situation under the sun, and a few under undefined celestial bodies. She can often be found on Twitter as @karnythia engaging in the highest quality shenanigans.

Mikki’s piece for The Frunchroom will be one of those occasional works of fiction or, more specifically, “Midwest Gothic since I have this story about Chicago as a living entity that demands sacrifices that’s taken over my brain.”

See her at O’Rourke’s Office on July 16th at 730pm.

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Chicagoan, husband, father, writer.
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