In the Frunchroom: Evan F. Moore

ATT_1435245424498_RU photoThere’s a fine line between bartenders and journalists and there’s usually a beer or two served along that line. Evan F. Moore knows this well as he’s a former bouncer who’s also a journalist. At The Frunchroom on July 16th, he’ll discuss how his former profession informs his current one.

Evan writes about sports, politics, race and culture. His work has appeared in The NationChicago, The Cauldron, Chicago Tribune, The Shadow League, Thrillist, Red Eye, Chicago Reporter, Daily Herald, Huffington Post, Time Out Chicago and Community Media Workshop’s We Are Not Alone/No Estamos Solos project on youth violence.

See him at our favorite fine line: O’Rourke’s Office (11064 S. Western Ave) at 730pm on July 16th.

About Scott Smith

Chicagoan, husband, father, writer.
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