In the Frunchroom: Carly Carney

As much as possible, we like to feature stories about Beverly, Morgan Park and Mt. Greenwood. So we’re happy to have Carly Carney at The Frunchroom on September 29th.

BYC8_sq_ForBlogCarly is the founder and director of the Beverly Yoga Center (established in 2004). She has been a student of meditation and yoga and has been teaching for over 12 years. Before owning the Beverly Yoga Center, she founded Beyond Shoes. Through this organization, she collected and distributed over 50,000 pairs of shoes to poor children in Africa. She was also a Program Director for the late Mrs. Maggie Daley’s beloved after school program After School Matters.

Carly’s passion is to understand human beings and their journey through life. Since she was a young girl, she has been curious about her own life; as well as about how other people live, work, interact, and find meaning in the demands of daily life and in difficult times that cause suffering. She contemplates about how to live from a place of peace and ease amidst the uncertainty and mystery of life.

She writes a monthly blog about what she contemplates as a mom, wife, sister, small business owner, and community member. Her writings reflect what she continues to learn and thinks about on her journey as a human being.

Carly lives in Morgan Park with her husband Tom and two children. She will read about her recent field trip to Malcolm X College – with her kids – for a town hall budget meeting.

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