Volume VI of The Frunchroom: Moving to the Woods edition

New to The Frunchroom? Read a bit about what we’re all about.

If you follow us on Twitter, we’ve been teasing some big news for weeks. We’re really excited to finally reveal it now: With our July show, we begin a new chapter with a move to Beverly Woods Restaurant for future editions of our stories by, about and of the South Side of Chicago.

The next show will be 730pm on Thursday, July 21st at Beverly Woods (11532 S Western Ave.)

Frunchroovol_v6 (1)The Frunchroom continues to be produced in partnership with The Beverly Area Arts Alliance, the organization responsible for local arts events like The Beverly Art Walk, the Farmers Market Uprising Takeover and Local Art on Tap.

Longtime fans know that since we started, we’ve been given a warm and welcoming home at O’Rourke’s Office. But with our ever-increasing audience size (thanks!), a larger venue became a necessity. Sure, we loved being able to say it was a standing-room-only show. But we also know more of you might like to sit during the event.

The challenge was finding another place in the neighborhood that was bigger, but had a similar vibe – a sense of sitting around after dinner telling stories with friends and family. We’ve found that with Beverly Woods and the McGann family.

A neighborhood institution since 1954, Beverly Woods Restaurant will host Frunchroom events in its Caravan Room, which will feature retro-inspired, arts-driven decor created by Alliance members. In addition, Alliance board member and Horse Thief Hollow manager Lizzy Benner will guest bartend at Beverly Woods serving cocktails influenced by the South Side literary series.

One other small change: To further support the work of the Alliance and the Frunchroom expansion efforts, we’ll now ask for a five dollar donation at the door.

We’ve been free since we started and I still want this to be accessible for everyone. We want to continue to expand and do more for the neighborhood. As you know, we usually pass the hat during the show. Asking at the door keeps us from having to interrupt the flow of the readers to do it.

What expansion plans are we looking at for the future? Our next priority is finally launching a podcast. From there, I could see us doing additional themed events and incorporating music. It’s important to me that we keep what makes The Frunchroom great while reclaiming what it means to be of, by and about the South Side for the larger city.

With all that out of the way, the readers for July’s show are:

Leah Chibe 
Opinionated South Side beer drinker

Kelly Norman Ellis
Teacher, mother, poet, South Sider, southern woman 

Bill Leslie
Lawyer, catcher for the Ridge Beverly Minor League Champion Redlegs (1969-1970)

Peter Nickeas
Chicago Tribune reporter

Mother, art teacher, vegan, performing artist

For more on our move to Beverly Woods and our July show, read this article from DNA Info Chicago. Bios on our readers coming soon. See you on July 21st.

Press for our July event:

DNAInfo Chicago: The Frunchroom reading series moving to Beverly Woods Restaurant
Beverly Review: Frunchroom set for Beverly Woods

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