In the Frunchroom: Leah Chibe

We’re a week away from our next event at Beverly Woods. Our friends at The Alliance are hard at work creating great art for the space, Lizzy and Jane are cooking up cocktail recipes and our readers are crafting thoughtful, funny and sharp essays about the South Side. Get caught up on what to expect July 21st as we introduce you to our first reader.

leahchibeLeah Chibe is a full-time parent/housewife with many interests and many strong opinions. She grew up in northern Michigan, loving the snow and dreading tourist season. When she went to Valparaiso University to major in geography, she met and fell in love with both her future husband (a native South Sider) and, later, the city of Chicago. After a short stay in Colorado, they realized they needed to be back in Chicago and spent a few years in Bridgeport before moving to Beverly before their first child was born. They now have three children who attend Sutherland: a nearly 10 year old girl, a 7 year old boy, and a nearly 6 year old girl.

Leah’s interests include photography, baroque choral singing, travel, language learning, and yelling about sports. She has been interested in alcoholic beverages since she first started getting the rye-soaked cherries from her grandfather’s Manhattans, and has been homebrewing beer alongside her husband Russ for 12 years.

Her opinions are generally strongest when they concern sports, feminism, Chicago Public Schools, and/or alcoholic beverages. To those ends, she’ll be reading a piece about sexism and beer at The Frunchroom on July 21st at 730pm.

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