In The Frunchroom: RHYTHM

As we mentioned, this edition of The Frunchroom features two educator/poets from Avalon Park—pure serendipity but a happenstance sure to bring a deep resonance to the evening as Rhonda Gholston rounds out our lineup for July 21st.

me againRhondapreferably known as RHYTHM, is a mother, Chicago Public School art teacher and visual performing artist.  She is a member of the performing artist group P.O.E.T.R.E.E. Chicago and has been performing her poetry for the last 17 years. P.O.E.T.R.E.E. presently has one album and one mixtape, respectively titled Positive Pollution and The Group Who Sat By The Door.  Those albums were created to combat the negative messages translated through present day hip hop.

RHYTHM’s main goal as a human being is to teach the children the truth and that is the journey her life has taken. RHYTHM and P.O.E.T.R.E.E. have also conducted artistic expression and anger management workshops that target at-risk youthimplementing literacy through the arts as a means of violence prevention and to obtain knowledge of self and history.

RHYTHM will read a poem and a story that encapsulates “a day in the life of South Side RHYTHM,” which is about her day and night living on the 111th & Peoria. See you on July 21st at 730pm at Beverly Woods.

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