Volume VII of The Frunchroom: Ladies night edition

In the first edition of The Frunchroom in our new, larger space at Beverly Woods back in April, I assumed we’d draw a good-sized crowd and then expand into the space over time.

We ended up packing the room and having to bring in more chairs.

All the support from the Beverly Area Arts Alliance and the community of regulars we’ve attracted since we started made that possible.

frunchroom_vol7_092716We hope you’ll join us again for a special Tuesday edition of The Frunchroom on Tuesday, September 27th at 730pm.

It’s special for two reasons:

1) It’s on a Tuesday to kick off Beverly Art Walk week, which will culminate in Saturday’s Art Walk starting at noon. More details are available here.
2) Longtime fans will know we don’t do themes at The Frunchroom, except for stories of the South Side told by people who know it well. But sometimes our readers come together in a certain way and this time we have an all-women lineup, which is the first time that’s ever happened.

As we did last time, we’ll have retro-inspired, arts-driven decor created by Alliance members. In addition, Alliance board member and Horse Thief Hollow manager Lizzy Benner will guest bartend at Beverly Woods serving unique craft cocktails not found elsewhere.

Without further ado, here are our readers:

Eve Ewing
Essayist, poet, sociologist, editor, artist

Katy Jacob
Writer, professional nerd, payments expert

Sheila Maloney
Mom, lawyer, professor, friend, wine enthusiast

Eileen O’Connor

Mare Swallow
Writer, founder of Chicago Writers Conference, fan of gin, ukulele novice

See you September 27th at 730pm at Beverly Woods! A $5 donation is requested at the door.

Bios and more to come in the following weeks.

About Scott Smith

Chicagoan, husband, father, writer.
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