Podcast: The Frunchroom, Volume 1 plus show notes

It’s finally here: the first episode of The Frunchroom podcast.

The monthly podcast will consist of recordings of our live shows. Not every one of our early shows was recorded, but we have copies of every one since we moved to Beverly Woods. Once we run out of live shows, we’ll change things up a bit, but more to come on that.

The first episode is a recording of the stories from our very first show on April 16th, 2015 at our previous location: O’Rourke’s Office. So much has changed in the lives of our readers and the subjects of their stories that a decent amount of between-story banter is taken up with discussions of what’s happened in the last two-plus years.

The readers are: 
Adrienne Samuels Gibbs
Natalie Y. Moore
Jen Sabella
Dmitry Samarov
Chuck Sudo

You can read Chuck’s story at his blog here. Dmitry’s story was also published by Belt magazine. Natalie’s story became “Kale Is The New Collard,” a chapter in her excellent book The South Side.

Dmitry is the artist behind that gorgeous painting of a Beverly front….er, frunchroom.

The intro/outro music is “Quittin’ Time” by Patrick Lee and the interstitial music is “Ground Cayenne” by The Good Lawdz. All music is licensed via Creative Commons and is courtesy of Free Music Archive.

The audio production is by my friend Tim Mata. You can follow him on Twitter: @timlmata. The segue between the audience response to Jen’s piece and the start of “Ground Cayenne” is pretty incredible and all credit goes to Tim for that.

You can subscribe via iTunes here or search its Podcasts app for “Frunchroom.” We’re also on Stitcher and Google Play. Or listen here via Podomatic or in the player below.

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