The Frunchroom, Volume XI: Walk the (Beverly art) walk edition

For the third time since ours debut two-and-a-half years ago, The Frunchroom will have a new venue. And for the first time, our evening of South Side stories will have a unifying theme.

Our next show will be at 730pm on Tuesday, October 3rd at Beverly Arts Center (2407 W 111th St, Chicago). A $5 donation to benefit the Beverly Area Arts Alliance is requested.

Each of our five readers will address the topic of race through South Side stories of identity, racism, family, segregation or integration.

And they are:

Tina Jenkins Bell
Writer, President of FLOW, Educator, and MOB

Parneshia Jones  
Author, poet, editor, Chicagoan

Troy LaRaviere 
Kay’s son, Zahran’s father, Your brother

Francine McKenna  
Writer, reader, teacher, traveler

Marisa Novara 
Superpower is curiosity

The move to the Beverly Arts Center was necessitated by the sudden closing of Beverly Woods Restaurant, though we’ve been planning on this theme for the last month or so. Every edition of The Frunchroom has touched on race in some way. It’s built into our South Side narrative. But with events in Charlottesville still fresh in everyone’s mind, it felt like we needed to be explicit about race in this show and how important it is that we discuss and celebrate both our similarities and differences.

For those who are wondering if we’ll lose a bit of intimacy in a bigger venue, have no fear: I’ve noticed the back wall of the BAC’s theater is not as far back as the Woods’ Caravan Room. We may even close the balcony and keep everyone on the ground floor.

Plus, we’ll still have beautiful visual art in the space, cocktails in hands and banter with the audience. And, most importantly, we’re still in the neighborhood.

Despite the shared theme, our latest lineup will still offer plenty of variety, featuring a former Chicago public school principal, a national financial news reporter, a recipient of the Gwendolyn Brooks poetry award, a community developer with a non-profit who writes about segregation and an author who runs a powerful local writing group.

As always, we are producing this with our friends at The Beverly Area Arts Alliance. Plus, this edition of The Frunchroom will also serve as one of a series of Beverly Art Walk Week events, which is why it will be on a Tuesday instead of its usual Thursday night slot. As with every show, The Frunchroom will feature retro-inspired, arts-driven decor created by Alliance members and curated by Beverly Area Arts Alliance co-founder Sal Campbell.

We’re a little over a week away. So expect bios on our readers soon. See you Tuesday, October 3rd at 730pm at Beverly Arts Center.

P.S. Don’t forget about our podcast!


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