Podcast: Vol. 10, Summer break edition

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We’re so behind in getting these episodes up that this show is from…three years ago. This was back when we were still at Beverly Woods restaurant in July 2017.

But this show still holds up.

As for when The Frunchroom will return with new live shows, watch our Facebook and Twitter pages for more on that this week.

For now, please welcome:

Cole Lavalais
Writer, Teacher

Kathleen Leahy
Educator, Writer, Intersectional Feminist, Occasional Bartender

Amara Enyia
Policy wonk, Globetrotter, Athlete, Systems-thinker, Risk-taker

Lyletta Robinson
Hoosier by birth, South Sider by choice

Nareman Taha
Co-director/founder, Arab-American Family Services

Ernest Wilkins
Cultural Anthropologist, Writer

Recorded on July 20th, 2017 at Beverly Woods Restaurant. Audio production and editing by Tim Mata. Brought to you by your host Scott Smith and the Beverly Area Arts Alliance.

About Scott Smith

Chicagoan, husband, father, writer.
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