The Frunchroom’s Summertime Staying Home Sessions, Volume One

The Frunchroom is back – via video right in your own Frunchroom (or kitchen, or bedroom, or basement, or wherever you want).

Though we can’t yet gather again in person, we’re bringing back our past readers for a series of shows in July and August via streaming video.

Our Thursday, July 2nd readers are:

  • Lolly Bowean
  • Jim DeRogatis
  • James Gordon
  • Rayshauna Gray
  • Kathleen Leahy
  • Mario Smith

Watch the show here:

More dates and lineups coming soon!

We canceled our April show (which was to be our 5th anniversary) and while we believe in the idea of Frunchroom as an event that involves us all sharing physical space together, it’s important to get back to telling South Side stories.

For now, we’ll do what a lot of people have and do this via video and screens. It will be live via Zoom and likely via Facebook. We’ll have an audience you can see and hear though you can turn off your video and mute yourself as needed. There’s still a need to see and hear each other as we physically distance but share social connection.

This is a rare opportunity to hear some of our past speakers tell new and old stories. So pour your favorite cocktail as we bring our Frunchroom to yours.

RSVP on Facebook or watch this space for updated information on how to watch this show via live streaming video on Thursday, July 2nd at 7pm.

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Chicagoan, husband, father, writer.
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