The Frunchroom: The Frunchroom’s Summertime Staying Home Sessions, Volume Three

The third time’s the charm. And the first two were pretty darn good so imagine how delightful this one will be…

Miss the show? Catch up with it here.

Presented by Beverly Area Arts Alliance: The Frunchroom is back – via video right in your own Frunchroom (or kitchen, or bedroom, or basement, or wherever you want). We’re not yet sharing physical space again, but it’s important to get back to telling South Side stories.

It’s weird doing this as an online-only event, but everything in life is weird right now so this makes a kind of sense. So here’s the Zoom link for the event. It’ll be like having a work meeting but with more drinks and fewer people saying “let’s circle back on that.”

We’ve invited some of our past readers back for a series of reunion shows. Our July 30th readers are:

Aaron Cynic
Amara Enyia
Griselda Garibay
Tina Jenkins Bell
Dmitry Samarov
Chuck Sudo

The show will also be available via The Frunchroom’s Facebook page.

We’ll have an audience you can see and hear though you can turn off your video and mute yourself as needed. There’s still a need to see and hear each other as we physically distance but share social connection.

This is a rare opportunity to hear some of our past speakers tell new and old stories. So pour your favorite cocktail as we bring our Frunchroom to yours.

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